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Beautiful simple abaya design V-Neck style

Hijab, Beautiful simple abaya design burqa and abaya trend is now overwhelming day by day and it is noticed that due to burqa fashion the modesty is promoting in the locality. For the promotion of beautiful abaya design and Burqa trend, national hijab day is being celebrated in Iran our neighbor country. Women now remain safe and look gorgeous while driving vehicles with scarf, hijab, and burqa. Hawashi store moto is to cover whole country with the shadow of Islamic trend settled by prophet Mohammad P.B.U.H .

Islam is a complete book of life and surely if Islam permits something it is based on benefits for the society as well as for the human beings personally similarly if Islam restricts from something the instruction of the Islam and prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is for the betterment of the society.

Burqa, Beautiful abaya design whatever you called it. It is a clear obligation for the women and has its own benefits from which no one can deny.

The word burqa and hijab means to cover. Women cover her (private body parts) from the opposite gender. Its a barrier and safe mode of life for a girl or women. It automatically saves a girl or women from the lusty eyes or lusty will of the bad people among the society.

You must visit our site hawashistore.com to buying the amazing simple abaya design for your family. We offer unique styles of burqa with a good quality in splendid price. Everyone asked you regarding the hijab or burqa that why it is needed to cover herself with burqa there are some benefits of wearing burqa, abaya


Beautiful abaya design
Beautiful abaya design



protection withBeautiful abaya design

Islam is the only religion which put stress on covering the body parts of a female the reason or logic behind it is that it offers protection to women as we know that man always keep their eyes on the curves of the female body parts just to amuse themselves. So simple abaya design keeps the woman safe from their lusty eyes and female s feel protection and also save herself from bad comments.

Pureness with abaya

simple abaya design second benefits of wearing a burqa are that it feel yourself the sensation of purity and distinction from the other. Feeling of superiority because it represents the Muslim women.

dedication and confidence with abaya

burqa produce strength in the women and represent the dedication towards a single man. Because simple abaya design is a barrier and everyone knows that she restrict herself to only one man and no one can touch him. She is a pious lady and 100% sincere with his husband.

Real personality in abaya
the burqa covers the physical beauty of women and saves her from the bad intention of the people. By wearing burqa or simple abaya design no man can focus on women who wear the burqa because the real beauty hides inside and physically she is not in the visual mode for anyone. So people have no focus eyes on women wearing abaya.

Competition of abaya in Pakistan

Today’s each woman compare herself to other women in fashion like clothing, foot wear etc. but when a woman is in burqa she is at once stand at top because each woman compare herself with other but girl wearing burqa not compete herself because her beauty and wearing hidden everyone in suspense that may she has more expensive things than others so she remains always at top level.

So order now burqa we offer the best price of the abaya.

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Beautiful abaya design
Beautiful simple abaya design V-Neck style