About Us

Hawashi Store is the new born in online shopping in Pakistan this is short about us and know more.

We are providing a lowest commission sailing platform at 5% to our Sellers / Vendors and first 3 month are no commission on all sales. Hawashi Store is the more easiest shopping platform introducing multiple payment option and easy home delivery for its customers and Vendors due to the following characteristics.

For Customers

  1. Easy to Understand
  2. Easy Menu & Category Distribution
  3. Easy to Explore the Products
  4. One Click add to cart
  5. One Page Order Form Submission
  6. Affordable Payments Way

For Vendors / Sellers

  1. One Clock Vendor/Seller Registration
  2. With in 3 Hours Vendor/Seller Account Approval
  3. Easy & One Page Add Product Form
  4. Lowest Commission Rate at 5%
  5. First Three Month Free on Any Account Sale
  6. 24/7 Customers Support

Hawashi Store Vision

Our Vision is to more facilitate the Vendors / Sellers so that, they can grow and compete with the worlds E-Commerce Industry to Eliminate Pakistan’s Name where 30 millions internet user are using internet. Hawashi Store is also supporting and welcomes to our local Shop Keepers, Local entrepreneurs, business mans, National Brands as well as Multinational Brand for introducing in Pakistan with the more convenient hospitality.