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Beautiful Abaya Umbrella Design Full Sleeves long in Pakistan

What is ABAYA ?

Abaya is a sign of respect, Abaya is a sign of a Muslim women and her beautiful great personality in society, her family, and friends.

Abaya is a part of the Muslim women’s clothing and daily life wear, this clothing helps her a lot in daily casual wear. The benefits are so many that women love to wear it all day.

Allah Almighty orders all Muslim women to cover up in such way where no one can see her from the public when you step out from your home. It’s compulsory for ALL Muslim women to make it part of their dress when they go out from her home, But the problem is in our new generation which things that Abaya is “out of fashion” and they don’t like to wear.

Why is Abaya Use?

irtafa abaya & hijab collection Lahoreis a Big Protection for women In the Society where women are facing many problems of eco-activities with man’s working platform and harassment from them all the where, whether you are a student, teacher, factory worker, professional and even a housewife. when she comes in contact with a man in our society then she feels unsafe and unprotects. This is ultimate put the women lake in confidence and limit her skills to show in her field and block her life which makes her limit or damage her capacity of work.I promise no one will dare to tease you if you dress up like this InshAllah!


Benefits of Abaya

Some amazing benefits of wearing Abaya

  • Protect Skin:
  • Protect you from pollution:
  • Useful shield incase of acid attack:
  • Protect you from fire:
  • Prevent injury during road accident:

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Beautiful Abaya Umbrella Design Full Sleeves long in Pakistan
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