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What is Abaya?

Abaya is an important part of Muslim women’s dress, Muslim Women wear Abaya when she goes outside from her home or with any of his Non-Mehram relatives. Muslim Women prefer the unique and best Abaya design for party and functions. Women are very conscious in Abaya selection and good quality of Abaya which is available on our website please click here to see the latest and best Abaya design in Pakistan.

Why Abaya Is Used By Muslim Women?

Muslim Women used Abaya because they can cover the body and her private body parts in front of public or at public places which are not possible to cover with pent and shirts or Kurti and trousers. Most Women use Hijab and headscarf to cover her face also but Some women do not consider it important.

Where to get the Abaya?

There are lots of Abaya shops in Muslim area, but many women like to order online Abaya because there are many latest and great Abaya design also the 2020 and 2019 latest Abaya design can be ordered online. Online Abaya shop in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad or in Pakistan have a very trendy style of Ladies Abaya. Pakistan is a good market of textile production this is why the best Abaya cloth is produced and stylish and unique designs are always at display In shops and online Abaya store. Islam prefers simple dress this is why much good knowledge of keeping women choose simple and plain abaya design.

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