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Top three Multivitamin in Pakistan

Top three multivitamin in Pakistan

Facts about Multivitamin

There  is no scientific definition of multivitamin. Multivitamin is available in the market in the form of dietary supplement , multimineral and multivitamins. It is available in form of tablets,  capsules powder and injectable form of liquid.  Some people thinks that multivitamins can be used without any prescription but internationally it is always used with recommendation of the registered medical practitioner. There are two school of thoughts regarding use of multivitamin

1st school of Thought about multivitamin

One school of thought thinks that multivitamin cure many diseases and maintain mineral balance in the body  a lot of people gets benefits from the multivitamin who has poor nutrition diet in daily routine. So people think that it fulfill the essential body needs.

2nd  school of Thought about multivitamin

A different view circulate among the people is that there is no scientific case reported in which cancer or other diseases has been treated with the help of multivitamin , dietary supplement etc.In there view they are not act exactly as people thinks.

Formulas of multivitamin

There are variety of formulas of multivitamin  available in the market according to age sex etc.  Dosage of the multivitamin mentioned on the pack is always the maximum dosage a man or woman can intake.


Multivitamin usage depend upon age if you have more aged then you required more additional ingredients which helps you to complete the need of the body. Those people who have well balanced diet did not required multivitamin to use for any kind of boosting facility. Even internationally multivitamins not recommended during pregnancy but people who have poor diet can take help from multivitamins as some women during pregnancy need extra calcium, iron and folic acid.

52% people in united state of America use dietary supplement last month and 35% people regularly use multivitamin in daily routine life. It is observed that people in USA who has cancer or prostrate issue use dietary supplements preferably. FDA has recommended diet to get energy according to the age and need of the body.       

This chart indicate vitamins, RDA men and women their best source and function. But if you have severe deficiency of vitamin in the body you need medical treatment according to medical experts. Over dose of the multivitamin cause severe results because some ingredients have toxic effect. Due to excessive intake of multivitamin may acute affect happened. If you donot want to use any multivitamin then for maintaining a balanced diet you need to eat healthy diet.

No.1 Multivitamin Centrum

Centrum is international brand of multivitamin which totally cover iron and multivitamin deficiency in the body. These are important for human body many vitamin are building blocks of human body which accelerate the function and boost the energy in the body. It keeps you in good health. The recommended dose of Centrum is mentioned on the packing and it is advised that do not cross the limit as suggested by doctors. For best results you should take the Centrum tablet dosage with empty stomach. Avoid dairy products while using Centrum. There are many other kind of Centrum available in different quantity of tablets. Famous brand of Centrum are Centrum silver , adult,  Centrum men  and Centrum woman.  Take the dosage regularly as directed to get more benefits.

Centrum Adult 130 tablet pack at best price

No.2 Best Multivitamin in the world

Vivioptal is the second best multivitamin. it is a multinational brand and people use it all over the world a well recognize brand. The fine ingredients make it differentiate from other multivitamin brands. Muscles become super fit with using this multivitamin. Available in multi and active form, vivioptal woman, men and German. Vivioptal vitalize you make you sexually fit. Energize you and bring a new wave in your life. Originally vivioptal made in France company Mann pharma  further these formula are locally made in Pakistan also local company vivioptal made  in Karachi Pakistan.

Vivioptal Multi Soft Gel Capsule In Pakistan
Vivioptal Multi Soft Gel Capsule In Pakistan

No. 3 Nature’s Bounty Multivitamin

Nature’s Bounty  is a renowned company having a lot of products for men , hair skin and nail care product top class multivitamin  and supplement  further have herbs and protein powder , gummies , letter vitamins , pro-biotics and many more. Stress comfort minerals and supplements, fish oil and omega 3 etc are famous products of bounty company. Nature’s bounty.co is a family of wellness company  serving to people more than decades regarding healthy life style. Bounty wins the trust of people by producing a valuable products with splendid fine ingredients which works best. Nature’s bounty launches its product after scientific research under supervisions of experts. There fore bounty is at no.3 in Pakistan.      


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