Mobile Charger Spy Hidden Camera for Home Family Security


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Mobile Charger Spy Hidden Camera for Home Family Security

Do you have security issues at your home or business place and want to investigate without knowing anyone? Mini USB Wall Charger allows you to monitor the suspected and doubtful acts in your surroundings like your home or workplace. You are just hanging the usb charger in particular place where you feel to investigate the people and actions. The spy charger provides facility to record the videos along with clear voice and also capture the series of photos with HD quality high resolution of 1080P. Also, secret camera has motion detection ability to identify every small movement. The best quality of using this wall charger is that it has no any physical pinhole like other spy cameras so that no one will guess there is any hidden camera placed inside the charger. You may allow everyone to keep it in their hands without any tension.

Further, you can operate the hidden camera easily by inserting the SD card which is not included and you just plug it in any AC outlet and the recording will be started. You can increase the storage capacity of your charger with SD card and record unlimited videos without any hurdle of space deficiency. Moreover, the videos will be shown on laptop or computer by transferring the data and watch them in any media player with AVI format. Despite from it, you can also search other spy cameras such as Spy Power bank, Spy Lighter and Spy Sunglasses.

Mobile Charger Spy Hidden Camera for Home Family Security



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