Ansam al oud spray Asghar Ali perfume in Pakistan

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Ansam al oud spray Asghar Ali perfume in Pakistan

  • usingperfumes in Pakistan is common Ansam aloud spray Asghar Ali perfume inPakistanbrings you a modern and sophisticated Woody Oriental fragrance, this scent is about as timelessly masculine as it gets asghar ali perfume in Pakistan are the best perfumes.
  • An initial woody, earthy and balsamic and floral hit into a warm woody, sandalwood, amber, and asgharali Oud as its main characteristic.
  • A classic peak in the world of modernism and innovation, suitable for men and women alike
  • who dares to be bold. Ansam Al Oud arrives in a 75ml capacity in a sleek bottle designed with glass edges and undeniably irresistible for attention.
  • Unisex
  • Woody Oriental
  • Woody Notes, Olibanum, Dried Notes, Earthy Notes, Balsamic Notes & Floral Notes
  • Woody Notes, Balsamic Notes, Earthy Notes, Cedar & Floral Notes
  • Woody Notes, Sandalwood, Amber & Oud.
  • perfume price in Pakistan Rs. 5500


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