Breast Enlarging Balay Papaya Oil

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Breast Enlarging Balay Papaya Oil

  1. breast enlarging essential oil of balay company is a branded and effective oil for female breast enlargement in Pakistan,
  2. It is rapid increase breast beauty formula with Papaya ingredients in the package.
  3. It is the best oil for breast enhancement in days and results in you will see from 3 to 5 days after use two times a day.
  4. 3 Days effective breast essential oil prepared with Papaya.

How to Use Breast Enlarging Oil and Cream.

  • Drops of Balay essential oil on your palm and rub it evenly / slowly.
  • start from the breast center to apply in circle up.
  • two palms gently from both sides of your breast just do slightly upward pull but remember do not squeeze too hard.
  • Must spend minimum 5-minute massage during taking the bath every day and each action must be repeated from 8 – 10 time at your breast for good results and for enlarging your breast.


  • If you are an abreast disease patient or have any breast-related disease Please it is highly recommended must consult your doctor before use.
  • For a menstrual periods, pregnant females should not use it.

Breast Enlarging Balay Papaya Oil


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