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Investment PlansProfit 10% After 7 Days – Investment.Total Cash BackPayment Transfer Method
PKR: 2,500/=PKR: 250/=PKR: 2,750/=BANK ACCOUNT,
PKR: 5,000/=PKR: 500/= PKR: 5,500/= BANK ACCOUNT,
PKR: 10,000/=PKR: 1,000/= PKR: 11,000/= BANK ACCOUNT,

Mini Investment Plans are open now for the public in Hawashi Store Pakistan, Now you can buy products for us and we will sell them for you to make a profit of 10% on your investments.

When you invest in our business you will be the Order Partner of Hawashi Store Pakistan Trade System, Investment and Order Partnership duration are mentioned in the investment plans above. Profit will be sent into your account right after the successful Order Delivery, Payment may be late when order delivery is late. No Hidden Charges if the order is not delivered successful and returned to us then your payment will be returned complete without profit but If you want to re-invest you can continue with us. This is how we can help small-income persons earn from our platform.

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